Bad Credit Loans

Questions and answers about Bad Credit Loans

QDo I Have To Provide My Social Security Number So A Lender Can Run A Credit Check?
QWhy Should I Review My Credit Report?
QIf I Have Had Some Credit Problems In The Past, Can I Still Get A Home Loan?
QWhy Were I Charged High Interest Rate On My Bad Credit Auto Loan If I Had A Bad Credit History, But Additionally A Lien Was Placed On My Vehicle Untill Bad Credit Car Loan Has Been Paid In Full?
QWhy When I Go The The Bank To Enquire About Personal Loans, Instead Bank Is Offering Me A Credit Card Application Saying That Is Much Better Way To Borrow. Is It True?
QWhy I Can Not Find A Reasonably Acceptable Interest Rate On Loan Like On Traditional Loans If My Credit Rating Is A Bit Lower Than Required?
QDoes Insurance On Bad Credit Home Equity Loans Or Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Is A Necessary Requirement?
QWhat Lender Of Low-doc/no-doc Loans Will Primarily Look At When Assessing My Application?
QWhy There Are No Set Interest Rates In The Sub-prime Mirket Comparing To Traditional Criterial Loan Lenders?
QWhat Are The Benefits Of Low-doc Or No-doc Loans?

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