Questions and answers about Refinance

QInterest Rates Just Don't Seem Low Enough To Motivate Me To Refinance My Home Loan, But It Seems All My Neighbors Have Done It Recently. Am I Just Being Lazy Or Are There Any Other Reasons Why I Should Get Fired Up To Do A Mortgage Refinance Now?
QWhen Trying To Compare All The Quotes I've Received From Lenders To Refinance My Home Loan, I Keep Getting Confused Since One Lender May Have A Lower Interest Rate But Higher Closing Costs, Another Low Closing Costs But Higher Rates. How Do I Figure Out Who Has The Best Mortgage Refinance Rates?!
QWhat Loan-to-value Ratio Is Used On Refinances?
QDoes It Cost More To Refinance Or To Get A Second Mortgage?
QCan I Refinance To Take Cash Out Of My House?
QDo I Have A Pre-payment Penalty?
QI Have Been Late A Few Times On My Bills. Does This Mean I Will Only Qualify For A High Interest Rate Loan?
QI Have Had Credit Problems In The Past. Will It Impact My Ability To Purchase A Home Or Refinance My Existing Home?
QWhat Are The Tax Implications Of Getting Cash Out When Refinancing?
QHow Do I Know When It's Time To Refinance? With The New Lower Interest Rates, Is It Worth Refinancing?

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