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Questions and answers about Home Loans

QWhat Is The Difference Between Pre-qualifying And Pre-approval?
QWhy Are Interest Rates Different From Day To Day And One Source To Another?
QDo I Need Flood Insurance?
QWhat Are Your Rates?
QWhat Happens If My Loan Gets Sold Or My Lender Goes Out Of Business?
QDoes Zero Points Really Mean Zero Points? What About No Closing Costs Loans?
QShould I Refinance?
QI've Been Researching Whether An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Will Save Me The Most Money On My Mortgage Payments. What Do I Need To Know About Rate Adjustments And Interest Rate Caps?
QThere Are So Many Different Types Of Adjustable Rate Mortgages My Mortgage Broker Has Suggested To Me And Also I've Found Through Online Lenders. What's The Difference Between All These Arms?
QThe Size Of House I'm Looking To Buy Is Around $350,000 And I'm Concerned About Paying A Higher Interest Rate On A Jumbo Loan. Should I Keep My Home Loan As A Conforming Loan And What Are The Jumbo Loan Limits?

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