Debt Calculator

Debt Calculators allows you to estimate by how much can you reduce you monthly loan repayments by consolidating all your debts into one.

Your DebtsBalanceMonthly Payment
Home Loan $ $
Credit Card 1 $ $
Credit Card 2 $ $
Personal Loan  $ $
Store Card  $ $
Car Loan 1 $ $
Car Loan 2 $ $
Other Loans  $ $
Total Debt / Current Payments $ $
New Monthly Payment $  
"Extra money in your pocket per month" 

Note. Monthly payment is based on a 30 Year Loan with 5% Interest Rate

Please be aware that a new loan with lower interest rate and account fees (if there are any) gives you the possibility to pay out all your existing loans earlier. To do that try to keep you new loan repayments as high as possible at least for some initial loan repayment period (for example during first few years). Make sure that your new loan provider (lender) allows you to pay out extra repayments without any penalty and provides redraw facility so that you could even take you cash back!