Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Eliminating credit card debt is the greatest relief a person who has lived under the bondage of debt can ever experience! For whatever reason a person has succumbed to the inundation of credit card offers, eliminating credit card debts completely provides the ultimate high that counters the thrill that getting a new card offers. By eliminating credit card debts the debtor becomes a free person again. The shackles of finance charges, the noose of endless monthly payments, and the death claw of variable interest rates are broken, removed, and stilled.

However, the freedom that eliminating credit card debt brings can be quickly reversed. The continuation of freedom through eliminating credit card debts is fully dependant upon the freed debtor. The credit offers will continue and will barrage the mailbox with a vengeance once the debtor succeeds with eliminating credit card debts. Eliminating credit card debt is almost like a red flag calling credit companies to action - "attack! The prey is slipping away!" If there is one thing that credit card companies hate, it is a debtor who learns the art of eliminating credit card debt.

Eliminating credit card debts can be accomplished whether the one trapped in the deepest mirey pit of credit believes it or not. It takes a dedication and discipline of will more than the average person possesses. However, eliminating credit card debt requires a slow, steady process to pay them off, as opposed to the rapid depletion of credit balances through too frequent purchases and cash advances. The first step to eliminating credit card debt is prayer for the fortitude and determination to withstand the temptation once the cards are laid aside. In fact, to begin eliminating credit card debts, the cards must be physically destroyed, and any replacements at their expiration be done the same way upon receipt. All usage of credit must stop and repayment continue, and if at all possible at increasing amounts to hasten the payoff, lessen the finance charges, and assure the success of eliminating credit card debt.

The deceit of credit is that it seems like free money, and gives one purchasing power and status. However, there are chains attached to that free money. The feeling of being wealthy soon fades as the bills mount and the finance charges add up. Eliminating credit card debts brings the true freedom.