Debt Reduction Associates

Debt reduction associates are companies that help debtors to find the best way to manage their indebtedness when it has reached a point where they are unable to make their payments, or are doing so with serious difficulty. A debt reduction associate will offer services to debtors without cost because he will get a fee from the companies to which he refers his clients. A debt reduction associate will analyze the individual's situation and make a recommendation based on that person's circumstances. Debt reduction associates do the research to find out the legitimacy of those companies offering debt relief to clients so the debtor doesn't have to. That doesn't mean an individual debtor shouldn't do a little checking him/herself. The Better Business Bureau is always ready to give information on companies who are registered with them. A debt reduction associate knows this.

There are several ways to deal with excessive debt, and the debt reduction associates act as guides to help a debtor make the choice that is best for him/her. A debt reduction associate will explain how debts can be consolidated, and creditors approached to reduce the interest rate they charge and the payment schedule changed to give relief. The lowest interest rate currently offered by creditors is 2.2-2.5%, and if a lower percentage rate is offered by a so-called non-profit company, further inquiry is needed. Debt reduction associates will tell you there are non-profit debt relief companies in abundance, and it is important to know if they are truly the non-profit entity they claim to be. Debt reduction associates will recommend those companies they have approved by checking with the Better Business Bureau, and by using other investigative tools. By talking with a debt reduction associate, a debtor can take that important first step in ridding him/herself of cumbersome debt.

Another of the options debt reduction associates will help a debtor acquire, if it is appropriate, is a mortgage equity loan. This method of getting out of debt is getting a lot of TV advertising time right now, but for most people it is not the first choice. It adds a lien to your title until it's paid off. A debt reduction associate will counsel a debtor about his/her situation before recommending a solution to financial problems. The debt reduction associate counseling covers not only solutions to current matters, but goes on to give assistance in making future financial plans. Debt reduction associates have as their goal to help people get out of debt and lead more carefree lives. They can be found on the web using the key words "debt reduction associates."