No Fax Instant Cash Loans

No fax instant cash loans provide one of the quickest and most efficient ways of receiving money without leaving the privacy of your own home. By completing your application online, a no fax instant cash loan can be deposited in your checking account the next day. Many reputable companies are available to process a loan for you without your having to fax pay stubs or checking account information.

Your process to apply for a no fax instant cash loan should begin with a search for a reputable company online. These companies will include ones that post their no fax instant cash loan rates, fees and terms of agreement clearly on their websites. Most companies can approve your application within minutes, provided you have given them the necessary information.

In order to have a no fax instant cash loan approved, you need to meet the minimum requirements. Most companies' applications will ask for your contact information, employment information or social security income, and your checking account information, including your routing and account numbers. Typically, you must have been employed at your job for three months before you can qualify for no fax instant cash loans. If the information you provide cannot be verified, you may be required to supply a copy of a recent pay stub, bank statement or voided check.

No fax instant cash loan amounts can vary depending on your income. While a usual amount is $500, some companies will loan up to $1000 for no fax instant cash loans. Interest rates also vary depending on the company, as do company fees for borrowing. An average percentage rate for a no fax instant cash loan can easily exceed 500% for a typical 14-day loan. However, some online companies do waive the loan fee for first-time borrowers.

Just like your application for a no fax instant cash loan, your payments also can be made online. Most loan companies offering no fax instant cash loans have various payment options. Different options include paying the only finance charge for a limited time; paying the finance charge as well as a payment toward your loan; or paying your loan in full, in addition to any finance charges you have accrued. Because of the high interest rates and fees associated with instant loans, your best bet is always to borrow the least amount of money that you need, and pay it off as quickly as possible.

No fax instant cash loans provide a rapid response option if you are seeking quick answers to a financial need. However, in order to be a good steward of your financial resources, thoroughly research the companies for the lowest weekly fees and interest rates, borrow as little as possible, and pay your debt on time.