Guaranteed payday loans

Guaranteed payday loans are easy to find. You do not even have to be looking for one and you will most likely find three or four just by driving around town. Look through any newspaper or watch one episode of your favorite television program, and you will see guaranteed payday loans advertised everywhere. If you want to be very specific about the type of guaranteed loan you are looking, search on the internet and find the company that meets your criteria.

Most guaranteed payday loan establishments ask that you bring in identification, proof of employment in the form of your most recent pay stub, and a post dated check for the amount you have requested, with fees added on. There are some guaranteed payday loan companies that will ask for a current bank statement and references. These requirements pale in comparison to larger lending institutions that could require you to bring in large amount of financial paperwork and be at your job for lengthy period of time. Guaranteed payday loan companies usually like it if you have been at your present job for at least three months but, if you can provide a verifiable source of income, you will most likely qualify for a guaranteed payday loan.

Guaranteed payday loans do not require you to have good credit or collateral. You do not necessarily need good credit to qualify for a guaranteed payday loan. If you are applying for a small amount, usually under $500, your proof of employment will allow you to get the loan. With other guaranteed payday loan companies, your loan amount is based on your credit score and even your banking history. If you are applying for a secured loan, which is for larger amounts, you will need collateral. If you are applying for an unsecured guaranteed payday loan you will not need collateral. There are some guaranteed payday loan places that will grant a larger loan amount if you have good credit. Ask the company you are applying with what their guidelines are for a guaranteed payday loan.

Guaranteed payday loans are due in two weeks or less, depending on your next payday. If you are unable to make the payment, call the company you received the loan from and ask them how they can help you. They will appreciate it so much more if you call and let them know what is going on then if you don't contact them. Most guaranteed payday loan companies offer a rollover of your loan. You will pay the interest on your loan and be given another two weeks to pay the remainder of your guaranteed payday loan. Anyone that is short on cash, has an emergency situation, or finds themselves in need of money with payday just around the corner can, at anytime, be helped out by a guaranteed payday loan.

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